I’m so excited that you’re reading this. I learned about manifesting when I was around 33 years old and severely ill, single, broke, and had to move in with my parents because I could not work. I had definitely reached my bottom. 
Meanwhile, I saw others thrive and get what they wanted. Did they know something I didn’t? What was I missing? Was there a way for me to change or transform what was my current life situation?

I became a sort of detective and research scientist all in one. I read books, took courses, hired mentors and coaches, and even went back to school and became a psychotherapist.I discovered that I was burdened by the baggage of old programmed beliefs that were weighing heavy and blocking my efforts to create the life I wanted.

I created a system to unpack the baggage and release the blocks keeping me from wealth, health, and love! I implemented the same steps that I’m sharing with you in this episode and was in awe of the results.